Catalyst happens every Wednesday night at 6:30pm. Meetings are held downstairs in the youth room and are a time to gather with friends in a fun and inviting atmosphere; laughing, learning, and living life together while being encouraged in God’s word.

What to Expect

Music, videos, games, relationships, praise, worship, and teaching from God's word geared towards everyday life.


In chemistry, catalysts interact with one substance in a reaction to pruduce a change in that substance that will facilitate the intended reaction with the other substance.

Like a catalyst, Christ came to earth to initiate transformation in the worldly order that produced hearts of a new creation, hearts and souls that now have access to our Father and to the Spirit (Eph. 2:18–19). In the glory of His presence, we are reconciled and restored to His likeness (2 Cor. 3:18). But the reaction does not stop here. We are charged to become like Christ, to become catalysts in this world. Through our transformation, we are established as ambassadors of Christ to share this message of reconciliation and transformation so that all may share in the intended reaction within God’s presence (Acts 1:8).


This ministry aims to develop a community for youth to enter into so they may encounter Christ. We desire to provide an environment of love and acceptance that meets each student where they are individually, while at the same time continuing to challenge and mature their spiritual transformation. Furthur discipleship must occur after initial transformation to develop each student to reflect Christ’s character in every aspect of their life. Our deepest desire is for the students to encounter Jesus in a personal and intimate way. Only through this personal encounter can they experience reconciliation and development into Christ’s ambassadors.



Reach & Go’s mission is to go out and reach our community while demonstrating the love of Christ. First Alliance Church provides a safe home-cooked meal for all students at West High starting in October and going through May each school year.


The Pumpkin Patch is a yearly fundraiser for the youth at First Alliance. The proceeds provide scholarships for students to go to a national youth conference, scholarships for camps for junior and senior high students, the Reach & Go lunch for West High students, and items needed for the Montana Rescue Mission.

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